The Democrats' War on President Trump over His Tax Returns

Democrats want President Trump’s tax returns and will do almost anything to get them.  First there was the effort to keep him off the ballot in California by demanding his tax returns.  This law, if upheld, would have had the effect of disenfranchising thousands of voters.  Now the efforts turn to New York. A highly partisan DA looking to make waves found a Clinton-appointed Judge, Victor Marrero, to agree to issue a subpoena for President Trump’s tax returns from before he was President.  As we stated regarding the House Democrats' similar subpoena effort:

This subpoena is not a legitimate tool of oversight of the Executive Branch but instead an effort to investigate actions taken by a private citizen due to his subsequent political positions and activity.

Even the judge seemingly admitted the real reason for the DA’s efforts:

In a footnote, Marrero wrote that he was "sensitive" to Trump's argument that Monday's ruling could "embolden" state officials to investigate presidents in the future purely for political gain.

Fortunately the liberal-leaning Second Circuit issued an emergency stay


Whether it is California or New York, it is all a partisan witch hunt by Democrats to “get” President Trump.