The Freedom to Cheat Act: A compromise between the Left and the far Left

After the failed S. 1 effort, the Democrats' latest effort at a federal takeover of our elections, the incorrectly named “Freedom to Vote Act, was described by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell thusly:

No amount of repackaging or relabeling will let Democrats sneak through big pieces of the sweeping, partisan, federal takeover of our nation’s elections that they have wanted to pass since they took power.

Seemingly every few weeks, Democrats take another run at this. This week’s latest ‘compromise’ is just a compromise between the left and the far left. It’s the product of Washington Democrats negotiating with each other about how much power they should grab. It contains many of the same fatal flaws as their previous attempted takeovers that have already fallen flat. . . .

We will not be letting Washington Democrats abuse their razor-thin majorities in both chambers to overrule state and local governments and appoint themselves a national Board of Elections on steroids.

Just how bad is this takeover effort? The Honest Election Project Action has issued a paper on the “Freedom to Vote Act"entitled: “Freedom to Cheat Act: A Partisan Federal Takeover of American Elections.” Some highlights:

  • The bill makes it harder for states to remove ineligible voters from the rolls, replace incompetent officials, protect voters from electioneering, and to allow poll observers to monitor voting
  • The bill overrides the Constitution and restores voting privileges to convicted felons before they complete their sentences or pay victim restitution. The 14th Amendment expressly leaves felon voting decisions to the states.
  • States can no longer require photo ID to vote, even though photo ID laws are supported by 81% of American voters.
  • The bill mandates 24-hour drop boxes but does not require that these boxes be monitored or staffed to prevent tampering or illegal ballot trafficking.

Whether you call the Democrats' Freedom to Vote Act “a comprise between the left and the far left” or "the Freedom to Cheat Act," one thing is for sure; it is another horrible effort to have the federal government take over our elections.