Thoughts on Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words is a great movie. I saw it this weekend and came away with three thoughts, none of which are on his legal philosophy, which is just touched on in the movie. But two of them are very relevant for today.

The first is more personal, though. Clarence Thomas overcame extreme poverty and a broken home. That point is driven home by the story of when he first moved into his Grandfather’s house, his brother and Clarence were fascinated by the flush toilet. His Mom was not much in his life and father not at all. Yet Clarence was a hard worker and great student.

The second takeaway was how relevant his confirmation is to today. Excluding the underlying racist attacks against Thomas during his confirmation; Justice Brett Kavanaugh's and Justice Thomas’s stories are in many ways interchangeable. While there were differences--for example, Anita Hill had at least met Clarence Thomas, the similarities were striking. For example, only after the hearing was complete was the groundless accusation of Hill brought forward much as Blasey Ford's. In both cases, the FBI found nothing. But ignoring the facts and going hyperbolic, Democrat Senators attacked both men.

Which brings me to my third takeaway from the movie: then-Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden. Biden is the comic relief in the movie. When Biden tries question Justice Thomas on “natural law” it quickly becomes apparent Biden has no idea what he is talking about and just won't shut up . Today, you see Joe Biden on the campaign trail; his "corn pop" story and his recent “dog-faced pony soldier” comments must make his staff shake their heads when he speaks and think "please stop talking."

Clarence Thomas is a great Justice and more importantly a great man.  Unfortunately the same can not be said of his critics who trashed another very good man in Justice Brett Kavanaugh.