If Democrats Refused to Support an Obama Nominee, GOP Should Oppose a Far Left Activist

Every day in different ways we are reminded that President Biden is no moderate.  Today three groups are fighting back against some of his most extreme nominees.  We wanted to shine the spotlight today on one of those nominees:

A trio of conservative organizations are launching a multi-million dollar advertising blitz aimed at undermining two of President Joe Biden’s high-profile nominees.

The ad buy, first reported by POLITICO, will air across cable news networks in Washington, D.C. and digital platforms starting Thursday. . . .

One $800,000 ad paid for by the Judicial Crisis Network titled “Dangerous Appointee” shows images of violence this summer in cities across America and states where murder rates are on the rise. “Biden appoints Vanita Gupta for a top job in the Justice Department,” the ad says. “She supports defunding the police, led a group that wants to reduce punishments on white supremacists, even terrorists. When our cities burned Gupta could’ve stood for law and order, for victims. Instead she advocated to let convicts out of jail.”

The ad is here

The best that can be said of Gupta’s career is she is a far-left activist.  Associate Attorney General is not an appropriate role for a liberal activist.  She will be representing all America, not just progressive advocacy groups.

Compare Gupta to Rachel Brand, a former Associate Attorney General under former President Trump.  Brand was not just an appointee to the Trump Administration but she was also an appointee in the Obama Administration.  She had wide bipartisan support, except in the Senate where she was approved 52-46 on a party line vote. 

Democrats opposed a mainstream nominee like Brand; Republicans should return the favor and oppose an extreme activist like Gupta.