Why did Mueller wait to tell the country that no collusion occurred?

As of April 2019 - we now know from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election.

However, there are indications that as early as 2017 special counsel prosecutors knew that evidence would not establish the Trump campaign "conspired or coordinated" with the Russian.

Meaning that Mueller knew Trump was never going to be charged and yet withheld this knowledge for years (DURING an election cycle) – giving Democrats and the liberal media ammunition to accuse our President of the most horrendous allegations.

Congressman Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, asked some very important questions this week directed towards Mueller…

“When did you first learn there was no collusion? When did you know there was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia? The central charge of Bob Mueller -- the central task -- was to find if there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

And if you learned this early on, why did you wait almost two years before you told the country there was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the election? After all, that was your central focus, your central task of this entire special counsel investigation."

Rep. Jordan continued, pointing out that former FBI Director James Comey told Congress in 2017 that no evidence of conspiracy existed…

“Jim Comey said after 10 months of the FBI looking into this, they had no evidence of any type of coordination, conspiracy or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to impact the 2016 election.

So after 10 months he didn’t know, how long did it take Bob Mueller with 19 lawyers, most of them were Democrats who were out to get the president, how long did it take him to figure it out? That just -- I think that's a question most members and frankly most people in this country would have for Bob Mueller.”

In a recent piece in the National Review, Deroy Murdock asks point blank what Mueller’s possible political intentions were…

Did Mueller (or his angry-Democrat staff) leave this smear against Trump uncorrected so that information-deprived voters would hand Democrats the House?

The House and Senate Judiciary Committees should subpoena Robert “No Questions” Mueller and make him explain publicly why he covered up this game-changing conclusion [from 2017 to 2019] — with a national election wedged in between.

It’s time that Americans learn why Mueller sat on information that had national political consequences. If Mueller had let his conclusion on collusion known sooner., it’s more than possible that Democrats would not have won a majority in the U.S. House this past election.

Regardless, Mueller’s delay in sharing the truth was nothing less than a propaganda tool for Democrats in the 2018 election.