The Left's War on Free Speech and Our Institutions

This Friday at 2:00 p.m. ET, RNLA will host a webinar titled, "The Left's War on Free Speech and the Legitimacy of Our Institutions." The past few weeks have shown that the Left is launching a full-throated assault on the First Amendment rights of Americans. Last week, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of the "Disinformation Governance Board" within the Department of Homeland Security. 

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The Left's Worst Takes on the SCOTUS Leak

As soon as POLITICO published a leaked draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that would overturn Roe v. Wade and its progeny, the hot takes from the Left rolled in. Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon's reaction exemplified where a lot of the Left is at. They are praising the leaker as a hero, rather than acknowledging the disastrous implications the leak has for the Court.

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The Left's Assault on the Supreme Court Continues

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Federal Courts, Oversight, Agency Action, and Federal Rights held a hearing titled "An Ethical Judiciary: Transparency and Accountability for 21st Century Courts" to promote anything but ethics and transparency in the judiciary. The hearing was another effort to promote legislation that would impose unworkable recusal standards on the Supreme Court Justices and chill the speech of amici who want to make their voice heard on the most important legal issues of the day.

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Support for Voter ID Remains High Across Demographics

Polling done by the Honest Elections Project provided to Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard proves that support for requiring photo ID to vote remains strong across demographics, even increasing over the last year:

“Photo ID laws are a case in point: Support for photo ID laws is seven points higher than a year ago. Left-wing special interests and politicians like President Biden carried out an intense, often misleading, campaign meant to stir opposition to policies like strong voter ID. Their efforts have had the opposite effect. More people than ever — including most black and Hispanic voters — back photo ID laws,” said the polling analysis provided to Secrets.

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House Admin Republicans Expose Dem Hypocrisy on Disinformation

On Thursday, the Committee on House Administration's Subcommittee on Elections held a hearing entitled "A Growing Threat: The Impact of Disinformation Targeted at Communities of Color." As Ranking Member Bryan Steil pointed out, the Democrats conveniently left out how they have heavily contributed to election disinformation:

  • President Biden receiving 4 Pinocchios by the Washington Post for his claims about Georgia’s election law.
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Abudu May Be Biden's Most Radical Judicial Nominee Yet

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee considered five of President Biden's judicial nominations. Most notable was the consideration of nominee Nancy Abudu to the Eleventh Circuit. RNLA is formally opposing the nomination of Ms. Abudu because:

[H]er views are extreme and fall outside of the mainstream. RNLA has only formally opposed one other judicial nominee made by the Biden Administration. We oppose Ms. Abudu because her views and rhetoric go beyond that of even progressive activists, and we see no reason to believe that she will be an impartial judge on the “hot button” issue of election law. 

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Biden Nominee Thinks Denying Violent Felon Voting Rights = Slavery

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its first meeting to consider judicial nominees since the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Included on the agenda is the nomination of Nancy Abudu to the Eleventh Circuit, who RNLA has previously highlighted as a nominee outside of the mainstream.

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RIP Orrin Hatch: A True Compassionate Conservative

Senator Orrin Hatch passed away Saturday.  He was a true leader and a great friend to the Republican National Lawyers Association. He spoke to RNLA more than any other elected politician and was very close to one of our founders, Betty Southard Murphy. As the left tries to lionize him for being some bipartisan figure from a bygone age, we should remember what a strong Republican Senator Hatch always was. As his former staffer, Tom Jipping, stated: Senator Hatch was “a real compassionate conservative.”  

But that compassion should not be mistaken for weakness. The Wall Street Journal had it right when it editorialized:  

The press is eulogizing former Senator Orrin Hatch for his civility and bipartisan deal-making with Democrat Ted Kennedy. He certainly was a gracious man who represented a more civil era in politics. But we’ll remember the longest-serving Republican Senator, who died Saturday at age 88, for the moments he bucked Beltway convention and took unfair abuse for it.

The first was his stalwart defense of Clarence Thomas against the accusations by Anita Hill in 1991. Ms. Hill’s claims have achieved totemic status on the political left. But they arrived only at the last minute, midwifed by Democratic operatives, and lacked substantiation. On the Judiciary Committee, Senator Hatch subjected the claims to proper scrutiny. He helped confirm Justice Thomas, who has been a credit to the High Court and country.

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Liberal Rick Hasen Says Americans May Have to Take to Streets in 2024

On Thursday, election law professor Rick Hasen appeared on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" to discuss the risk of election subversion during upcoming elections. Despite the segment being entitled "Republicans Against Democracy," Hasen, a liberal, began the process to undermine democracy in the 2024 election should Republicans win even before the candidates are known:

"It may take the American people going out into the streets to assure that we can have a free and fair election in 2024."

We'll give Professor Hasen the benefit of the doubt that he did not mean "take to the streets" in the way that a Black Lives Matter leader recently used it to stand for rioting and burning. However, it lines up with the alarming trend of Democrat activists not accepting election results. As Professor Derreck Mueller noted, the last time all the Democrats in Congress accepted a Republican Presidential election victory was in 1988.

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Left Ignores Substance in Mask Ruling

It comes as no surprise that the Left was unhappy with Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle's decision to strike down the Biden Administration's federal transportation mask mandate earlier this week. But instead of focussing their criticism on the substance of the ruling, the Left has spent the last few days obsessing over Judge Mizelle's age and the fact that she is a Trump appointee. Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern exemplified the countless articles and tweets on this topic. As Jacob Sullum explained for the New York Post:

Mizelle backed up all three of [her] conclusions with extensive discussion and cogent reasons. But instead of explaining why she was wrong, Stern complained that “a single unelected, life-tenured, 35-year-old judge just abolished the air travel mask mandate for the entire country.”

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