VP Harris Pushes Misinformation About Republican State Election Laws

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris used a speaking engagement at the National Urban League Conference to push the Democrats' tired talking points about election laws in Republican states. Categorically, her statements were deliberately misleading at worst and misinformed at best.

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The DISCLOSE Act Would Cause More Problems Than It Solves

In typical fashion during yesterday's Senate Rules Committee hearing on "dark money" and the DISCLOSE Act (S.B. 443), Democrats tried to tie Republicans to dark money while turning a blind eye to the millions of dollars annually given to Democrats by liberal dark money groups.  

But unfortunately for Senator Whitehouse (who brings this bill up each session), one of the Democrat witnesses, Director of the Brennan Center for Justice Elections and Government Program Daniel Weiner, admitted that "Democratic and other left-leaning groups had swamp[ed] Republican and conservative spenders by a more than 2-1 ratio" in 2020.  

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"Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words"

Sitting at the right hand of the Chief Justice and celebrating over thirty years on the U.S. Supreme Court as an Associate Justice, Clarence Thomas is a familiar figure to the public - lauded by those who respect the Constitution, hated by those who disagree with the results - but his personal story is not as well-known. The landmark decisions issued by the Court  this term (including  New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. BruenDobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health OrganizationKennedy v. Bremerton School District, and West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency) confirm that this is indeed the era of the "Thomas Court." 

Drawing on historical documents and exclusive interviews, the authors, Mark Paoletta and Michael Pack, tell the inspiring story of Clarence Thomas's rise from a childhood of poverty and prejudice in the segregated South to Supreme Court Justice. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words provides the full story behind the recent blockbuster documentary of Justice Thomas' life.

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San Francisco's Top Prosecutors Lose Jobs For Want of Prosecution

There's a new sheriff in town. Well, at least, district attorney. Following the ouster of Chesa Boudin in a June 7, 2022 recall election, the newly-appointed San Francisco District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins, has fired fifteen career prosecutors within eight days of her appointment. Her predecessor's progressive policies on crime and safety had made San Francisco a no-go area for locals and visitors alike, and the first actions of the incoming D.A. were clearly intended to try to restore public confidence in her office and the city.

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DOJ Needs to Enforce the Law and Protect Justices

The far left’s efforts to intimidate, harass, and even do harm to Supreme Court justices have taken another nasty turn

A group offering bounty payments for sightings of conservative Supreme Court justices is the latest harassment campaign prompting Republican lawmakers to call for immediate action by the Justice Department.

While it is definitely the right thing to do to protect Supreme Court justices and all judges, it may also be what the law demands:

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A Post-Roe America Is A Better America

While Democrats wanted to fight over whether men can get pregnant in today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, “A Post-Roe America: The Legal Consequences of the Dobbs Decision,” Republicans focused on the importance of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and how it restores the democratic process.

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The DOJ Stands Ready to Tilt the Electoral Scales in the Administration's Favor

With the Midterm Elections only a few months away, the nation's attention is starting to focus on the Department of Justice (DOJ) and what role the DOJ might play in this election to help Democrats.  Just over a year ago, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced his intention to double the number of lawyers working in the Voting Section of the DOJ's Civil Rights Division, which is charged with enforcing voting laws.  With a couple of well-publicized exceptions (e.g., Georgia, Texas, and Arizona), so far the DOJ has been relatively quiet.  Is this the calm before the storm?

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Senator Dan Sullivan Pushes Back Against Biden

It is no secret that the Biden Administration has made it increasingly difficult for American energy.  Gas prices are at an all-time high, yet the President continues to instigate further turmoil for Americans.  Back in March, the New York Post highlighted the Administration’s flawed energy policies and how they’re hurting Americans, stating:

If President Joe Biden came out forcefully on the side of increasing US oil production, the price of a barrel could fall quickly.

Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska has been on the frontlines defending American energy independence, consistently urging the President to reform his administration’s policies: 

The Department of the Interior… announced that they were taking half of the National Petroleum Reserve set aside by Congress for oil and gas drilling in my state off the table… that is not focused on increasing supply.

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Radical Liberals' Efforts to Intimidate Lawyers Will Not Succeed

They went after Paul Clement for winning a Supreme Court case.  The left has gone after the families of Supreme Court Justices and today the left went after Republican lawyers for representing their clients.  RNLA released the following statement:

The latest attacks on lawyers by The 65 Project are part of a broader effort to intimidate lawyers and law firms to prevent them from serving Republican, conservative, and libertarian clients.  Liberals in the legal profession even recently forced premier Supreme Court advocate Paul Clement to choose between loyalty to his client, as required by the ethical rules of every jurisdiction, and continued employment at his law firm; he chose loyalty to his client.  But such a choice should not be required.  Lawyers have a duty to uphold the high ethical and moral standards of the legal profession and ensure that everyone receives zealous representation, from Guantanamo Bay detainees to pro-life advocacy organizations and everyone in between.   This disturbing pattern of intimidation by liberal activists and their sympathizers must stop. 

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DOJ Shows True Colors in Non-Citizen Voting Case

Non-citizens should not vote in American elections.  Period.  Even a child can quickly understand why this is such a necessary principle for maintaining free and fair elections.  Yet Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) seems to think otherwise. 

Yesterday, the DOJ Civil Rights Division filed a lawsuit against Arizona for passing H.B. 2492, a commonsense bill that requires proof of citizenship for registering to vote.  And as the Biden border crisis rages on, the DOJ’s true colors are beginning to shine through.

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