Biden Border Crisis is Deadlier Than Ever

There is no greater example of the breakdown of law and order under the Biden administration than the crisis on our southern border. According to a report by CNN, the crisis is the deadliest it's ever been, with a record number of migrants who've died crossing the border during the last fiscal year:

Nearly 750 migrants have died at the southern border this fiscal year, a record that surpasses last year's total by more than 200 people, according to Department of Homeland Security figures shared with CNN. . .

Since October 1, which marks the start of the fiscal year, there have been 748 deaths, a Homeland Security official told CNN, with a month still left to go in the fiscal year. That's up from 557 southwest border deaths during fiscal year 2021, the previous record.

The figures don't always capture all deaths, as other state and local agencies may recover bodies without Border Patrol involvement, meaning the number of deaths is likely higher.

The crisis has also contributed to a dramatic increase in the number of drug related deaths in the United States which one Texas sheriff calls "a tsunami of death":

The drugs trafficked by the drug cartels are simply a tsunami of death crashing into the United States across our southern border. There's an epic slaughter of Americans taking place, and the murder weapon is fentanyl that the drug cartels are pushing into every community, town and city in this nation. . .

[T]his is just a colossal failure of leadership in Washington. And the evidence, well, 107,000 dead Americans, for one. And the fact that this administration slashed almost $1 billion from the Customs and Border Protection budget, $428 million from the U.S. Border Patrol. So when they say the border is secure, there's no problem on the border, well, they're either willfully blind or willingly ignorant to this ongoing catastrophe.

Despite the visceral reality of the effects of Biden's border policies, members of his administration like White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre routinely downplay the crisis.

Americans must hold the Biden administration accountable for its dangerous and disastrous border policies by voting Republican in November.