Congressman Wolf's Fight for Transparency with DOJ

Even the New York Times. which views as its job to defend the President in almost all cases including saying he did not lie when he said “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it”, has called President Obama out for being a complete fraud on his promises of transparency

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Election Assistance Commission Drama Restarts

On April 9, the Senate Rules Committee announced the Democratic nominees for the Election Assistance Commission have cleared the committee. The nominees, Thomas Hicks, currently the Senior Elections Counsel on the House Committee on Administration and Myrna Perez, Director of the Voting  Rights Project at the ultra-liberal Brennan Center for Justice,  will be placed on the Senate’s Executive Calendar for a vote. Mr. Hicks and Ms. Perez had their second nomination hearing in December in 2013. However, as Ranking Member Pat Roberts remarkedin his opening statement there was one major difference this time—no Republican nominee. 

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How Democrats Work To Restrict Voting and Disenfranchise People in a Purple State

Justin Riemer, the former Deputy Director of Elections in the swing state of Virginia and editor/co-author of RNLA’s recent response to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, does not think about elections in a “partisan” fashion  after his former job helping to run elections in Virginia.  What the left does not understand, Justin is a typical Republican fighting to making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. 

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Obomanation: President Obama's Hypocrisy on Voter Registration List Maintenance

President Obama has taken hypocrisy to a new level this week, calling Republicans “un-American” at a recent lavish fundraiser in Dallas.  Why because Republicans want elections to be open, fair and honest. Republicans want elections to be run in a non-partisan fashion where the voters decide not political hacks. 

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Executive Summary of the RNLA Response to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) issues this reportto offer its perspective on the recent report of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) outlining recommendations to improve election administration in the United States. RNLA agrees with many of the Commission’s recommendations, particularly its identification of deficiencies in our voter registration system as a significant contributor to Election Day problems such as long lines at the polls. The PCEA’s recommendations to reform voter registration are good ones and, if states adopted them, the reforms should greatly improve citizens’ voting experience. RNLA offers other suggestions in addition to adopting many of the PCEA’s recommendations. Taken in tandem, these recommendations will result in a secure and voter-friendly voter registration system that provides alternatives to same-day voter registration while avoiding the management issues which historically attend the combining of two functions on Election Day – voting and registration. RNLA also welcomes most of PCEA’s recommendations to improve polling place management, including leveraging technology through the use of electronic poll books and ID card bar code/magnetic stripe scanners. RNLA also appreciates the PCEA pointing out the need for continued improvements to the voting experience for our military and overseas voters and generally agrees with PCEA’s recommendations in this area. Finally, RNLA agrees that the current voting equipment testing and certification system is inadequate and needs reform. We recommend a move away from the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) certification process in favor of voluntary consensus standards.

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Democrats to Pay a Price for Their Double Standard on Billionaires

Mark Pfeifle writes (emphasis added):

The hypocrisy starts with the Senate Majority PAC -- the type of corrupting, “special interest cash”-laden super PAC that the left alternately decries and adores. The group is currently running television ads defending vulnerable Senate Democrats or potential candidates in Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan and North Carolina. The ads invariably link the Republican candidate to “billionaires” -- especially the horrible “out of state” variety.

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Does MSNBC Have an Editorial Policy to Support Vote Fraud?

Yesterday Al Sharpton was in the news for his role as an FBI informant. This gives a possible reason for the non-prosecution of his vote fraud efforts in a similar time period. However, it does not explain why MSNBC placed as the lead in their efforts to oppose anti-vote fraud measures such as voter ID a person who actually committed vote fraud! 

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Apparently it Doesn't Matter in Florida if Non-Citizens Register

A recent article by Floridian Tom Jackson details something we have been saying for a long time, vote fraud is hard to prosecute.  As Jackson notes:

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New York Legislature refuses to follow NYC down de Broadway

Last Friday, New York state seemed poised to follow its marquee City into a campaign-finance fiasco by emulating the Big Apple’s public candidate-funding system. Luckily for the Empire State, in the end cooler heads prevailed and only the State’s Comptroller will be subject the scheme next go round.

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Examining Some of the Liberal Myths of the McCutcheon Case

RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen has an Op-Ed examining the liberal myths of the McCutcheon decision.  Check it out by going here