Democrats Destroy Emergency Relief Bill for Politics

Shame on you, Speaker Pelosi.  At a time when Americans were coming together, she blew up the bipartisan coronavirus relief package for her legislative desires. 

Leader McConnell was justifiable outraged on the Senate floor today and chose to speak on part of it. 

For days now, we have been engaged in intense bipartisan talks to build emergency relief legislation on an historic scale. To push resources to our healthcare heroes and American workers and families.

Democrats and Republicans sat down together. We crafted this version of this proposal together. . . . 

Let me give the American people a taste of the outstanding issues we woke up to this morning. Here are some of the items on the Democratic wish-list over which they chose to block the legislation last night.

Tax credits for solar energy and wind energy.

Provisions to force employers to give special new treatment to Big Labor.

And listen to this — new emissions standards for the airlines. . . .

Democrats won’t let us fund hospitals or save small businesses unless they get to dust off the Green New Deal?

In addition to the Green New Deal , Speaker Pelosi include large parts of her election reform bill, HR 1, the “For the People Act” in the package.  Including:



Pelosi was not done.  She has also included extremely controversial proposals such as ballot harvesting.  This led to an election being overturned in 2018 in North Carolina for fraud and is banned in many states.  (As an example of how ballot harvesting bans are a target of the Democrats, most recently Arizona's ban was overturned in a controversial en banc 9th Circuit decision, which is stayed pending appeal.)


Leader McConnell once labeled HR 1, the Democrat Politician Protection Act.  Regardless of how you characterize it, members of all parties should be outraged by Speaker Pelosi using this national crisis to advance the nationalization of elections and removal of election integrity protections.  Any way you look at it, Speaker Pelosi has put the election in front of the needs of the American people.