DOJ Shows True Colors in Non-Citizen Voting Case

Non-citizens should not vote in American elections.  Period.  Even a child can quickly understand why this is such a necessary principle for maintaining free and fair elections.  Yet Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) seems to think otherwise. 

Yesterday, the DOJ Civil Rights Division filed a lawsuit against Arizona for passing H.B. 2492, a commonsense bill that requires proof of citizenship for registering to vote.  And as the Biden border crisis rages on, the DOJ’s true colors are beginning to shine through.

The DOJ Civil Rights Division is headed by none other than Kristen Clarke, Biden’s left-wing appointee whose nomination was opposed by Republicans for her controversial positions on defunding the police, religious liberty, parental rights, race, and voting rights.  

Thanks to Kristen Clarke, however, the DOJ’s true colors are shining through.  As Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich explained to Fox News in response to the lawsuit:

Unfortunately, the lawlessness of the Biden administration is really going unchecked, and that's why me and some of my colleagues have to constantly be in court trying to hold them in check, whether it's over... unconstitutional vaccine mandates or COVID relief bills, or now on the border, Title 42. And now the Biden administration is suing our state just because we have a requirement that if you want to vote in a presidential election or if you want to vote by mail, you have to show proof of citizenship.

And it is the height of absurdity that the Biden administration has incentivized and decriminalized people coming into this country illegally, and now they don't want Arizona to check for citizenship... You don't need to be a rocket scientist or even an astronaut to figure out what's going on here with the Biden administration.

Someone would have to have had their head in the sand for the past year and a half not to know that the United States is experiencing its worst border crisis in history due to Biden’s open border policies.  As the Washington Examiner reports:

At current rates, the Biden border is allowing in enough illegal immigrants to fill a city the size of Houston or Chicago in a year. Among them, CBP will likely arrest more than 10,000 criminal aliens in 2022.

How bad is the current border crisis?  Bad enough for multiple Texas counties to declare a wholesale invasion.  As Congressman Chip Roy told Fox News:

We are dealing with an invasion. We are dealing with Texans dying from fentanyl pouring into our communities. Our ranchers are getting overrun, their livestock are getting out, their fences are getting cut. Our communities are dealing with that. So all of these leaders in the counties in south Texas are asking for is that Texas step up, and we go do what the federal government refuses to do.

As the Biden DOJ tries to tear down Arizona’s commonsense measure to prevent non-citizens from voting, it paints the Biden Administration as one that wants to give the right to vote to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants it has let walk across the U.S. border.

RNLA affirms that only U.S. citizens should vote in U.S. elections.  No exceptions.