Harmeet Dhillon: Protecting Access to CA Ballot and Defending Kavanaugh

RNLA Vice President for Communications and 2018 Republican Lawyer of the Year Harmeet Dhillon had a busy day pushing back against the efforts to #Resist President Trump.  She wrote an op-ed defending Justice Brett Kavanaugh against the latest attacks by the Democrats and the liberal media and she won an injunction against California's thinly veiled effort to keep President Trump off the ballot next year.

Ms. Dhillon is litigating the challenge to California's new law requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns prior to appearing on the ballot.  She won a major victory today - a preliminary injunction against the law:

Attorneys for Trump and the Republican Party argued the law violates the U.S. Constitution by adding an additional requirement to run for president. [Judge] England also seemed open to their argument that a federal law requiring presidents to disclose financial information supersedes state law.

"I don't care how you skin the cat, it's an unconstitutional law," said Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer for the state and national Republican parties.

She has also discussed the case with President Trump:

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon sued the state on behalf of the California Republican Party, Republican National Committee, Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore and multiple voters. . . 

Dhillon met with Trump earlier this week when he visited the state for fundraisers. She said they discussed the ongoing lawsuit.

“The president was aware of the lawsuit and confident of victory,” Dhillon said. “The case law was very much on our side.”

The liberals' anti-Trump strategy has also been on display in the latest smears of Justice Kavanaugh. Ms. Dhillon wrote an Op-Ed in the Daily Caller entitled: The Kavanaugh Attack Isn’t About Kavanaugh — It’s About Intimidating The Judiciary.

Does anyone really believe that if a credible eyewitness who saw Kavanaugh behave in an inappropriate way in high school or college existed, some intrepid reporter would not have found him or her by now and received endless praise the liberal press?

But of course, the lack of evidence or corroboration by actual witnesses does not matter. What matters is keeping the narrative alive: President Trump should not have won the 2016 election, therefore his Supreme Court appointments are illegitimate, therefore Democrats may tell any lies they like about them, without consequences.

This new groundless allegation is simply the latest effort in the broader campaign by the left to protect Roe v. Wade by undermining the judiciary, attempting to intimidate the Supreme Court, and politicizing the courts.

And the next conservative nominee to the court, regardless of the facts, can also expect to be the target of intimidation tactics like this, ultimately threatening the independence of our judiciary for decades to come. This must stop now, for the sake of the integrity of our federal courts.

Thank you, Harmeet Dhillon, for defending President Trump and the rule of law.