House Admin Committee Defeats All GOP Amendments to Try to Fix HR 1

In today's markup of House Resolution 1, the House Committee on Administration defeated on party-line votes all amendments offered by the three Republican members to attempt to fix problems with the bill. The RNLA live-tweeted the markup, and here are some highlights (or, lowlights):



Two moments in the hearing were particularly telling.  First, the Democrats unanimously opposed an amendment to prohibit ballot harvesting, despite the national attention currently focused on how ballot harvesting can exploit voters due what happened in North Carolina CD-9.  HR 1 is intent on creating federal mandates and federal standards for nearly every aspect of elections, but the Democrats were unwilling to change the bill to prohibit a practice that is legal in California and brings them an electoral advantage.  Second, the Democrats unanimously opposed adding Sen. Klobuchar's Secure Elections Act to HR 1 and even criticized the legislation, which has been touted by many Democrats as an important tool needed to help secure elections.  This shows how radical HR 1 truly is and how unwilling House Democrats are to compromise or consider any other views on their flagship legislation.  

In the end, the House Admin Democrats voted to adopt Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren's 447-page amendment in the nature of a substitute and report the bill favorably to the House floor.  House Admin is currently the only committee of the ten with jurisdiction to have held or scheduled a markup.  It remains to be seen whether Chair Lofgren's prediction that normal process, including time for fiscal analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, will be followed with HR 1 or whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi's promise of a vote by the end of February is what will actually happen.  But at least for now, though some Democrats clearly have misgivings about some of HR 1's provisions, they are remaining in lockstep in support of this dangerous legislation.