House Republicans Uncover More Shady Biden Family Behavior

As more information comes to light, the Biden family's problems continue to grow. Over the last week, House Oversight Republicans posted communications that point to the involvement of President Joe Biden in his family's shady business dealings.

It becomes more and more difficult for the President to deny his involvement as time goes on. Jordan Boyd wrote for The Federalist:

The truth is, if the Bidens’ multimillion-dollar family “business” is legitimate, the president wouldn’t have a problem answering basic questions about allegations of wrongdoing. Yet, even when a question about the evidence implicating the president slips through corporate media gatekeepers, Biden and the White House resort to silence. . .

If Biden was innocent, he could easily dispel corruption allegations by answering questions about mounting evidence and complying with Republicans’ investigation. Instead, he’s opting for silence and lies that further fuel Americans’ suspicions that their president and national security are compromised.

House Oversight Republicans are doing the important work to hold President Biden accountable that the DOJ refuses to do.

In light of the information brought forth through IRS whistleblowers, one former head of the DOJ's tax division argued in the Wall Street Journal that the results thus far of House Oversight's investigation are so damning that Hunter Biden's plea deal resulting from the DOJ's so-called investigation should be thrown out:

The Justice Department’s alleged foot-dragging and refusal to permit IRS special agents to follow the evidence allowed the statutes of limitations for 2014 and 2015 to expire, notwithstanding that Mr. Biden’s defense counsel had, according to Mr. Shapley, agreed to more than one extension. Far worse, Mr. Garland’s failure to designate Mr. Weiss a special counsel essentially guaranteed that Mr. Biden wouldn’t be prosecuted for any of his alleged tax crimes.

The “criminal information”—the charging document in the absence of an indictment—prepared by Mr. Weiss’s office, to which Hunter Biden will reportedly plead on July 26, states that Mr. Biden received but didn’t pay federal taxes on “taxable income in excess of $1,500,000.00” in 2017 and in 2018. House Oversight Committee Republicans claim to have seen Treasury Department suspicious-activity reports suggesting that Mr. Biden received vastly more than that during the years the IRS was investigating.

Judges can reject plea agreements. That would be an appropriate disposition here. And Congress, in fulfillment of its oversight obligation, must learn and share with the American public what evidence the IRS gathered, what evidence its agents weren’t permitted to obtain, and what charges might have been brought if they had.

If the Bidens are innocent and everything is really on the "up and up," then the DOJ and the Bidens will work with House Republicans to show the public what really happened. If not, House Republicans will not let leaders at the DOJ and other administration officials get away with covering up the unethical and criminal activity by the Biden family.