Key Moments from Day 5 of Kavanaugh Hearing

Today's continuation of the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh was a long, heart-wrenching day of testimony by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.  Both described how their families have faced threats and harassment since Dr. Ford's accusations were made public 10 days ago.  


Here are some of the remarkable moments from the day:


Judge Kavanaugh strongly proclaimed his innocence, detailed how the allegations have impacted his family, and condemned the Democrats submitting both him and Dr. Ford to threats and harassment for partisan gain:


While the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats made political points and grandstanded for their campaign commercials, the Republicans on the Committee wisely chose to have an experienced prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, question Dr. Ford.  While Dr. Ford told a very compelling and painful story, Ms. Mitchell exposed inconsistencies and lapses in Dr. Ford's memories--both of the underlying alleged incident and of recent events--in a careful, respectful, lawyerly manner.   She also exposed the delay and partisan motives behind the way Democrats have responded to Dr. Ford's accusations.  


Dr. Ford said that she did not know that Chairman Chuck Grassley had offered to bring the committee to her to conduct a hearing or interview, despite the fact that it was clearly communicated to her attorneys.  And though Dr. Ford's attorneys claimed that she did not fly in order to justify delaying the hearing, Dr. Ford testified that she flies regularly, including long-distance flights.


Confusion over how Dr. Ford's allegations were leaked to the press:


Sen. Lindsey Graham gave an impassioned speech in defense of Judge Kavanaugh and strongly condemning his Democratic colleagues:


The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding an executive business meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM Eastern, and the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh is scheduled to be voted on along with a number of other judicial nominees. The RNLA will live-tweet the meeting.