S.1: A Power Grab in Search of a Crisis

In a marathon hearing today, the Senate Rules Committee held a markup for S.1, the Senate version of the "Corrupt Politicians Act." The hearing covered a variety of topics, but one thing is abundantly clear: the Corrupt Politicians Act is a partisan power grab, and Democrats will do whatever they can to gain as much power as possible. As Senator Hagerty put it, S.1 is a "power grab in search of a crisis." The vote to advance the bill was tied at 9-9, but under Senate rules, the legislation will advance to the floor for consideration.

Some notable moments from the hearing:

Ranking Member Blunt noted that the Corrupt Politicians Act undercuts voting as a bedrock principle of democracy by making is "easier to cheat and harder to detect."

Several Senators, including Leader McConnell, highlighted the detrimental effects that the Corrupts Politicians Act would have on the country's campaign finance system and the FEC.

On multiple occasions, Senator Capito presented amendments that highlighted the fact that the Corrupt Politicians Act would make it impossible for innovations at the state level. Even Democrats on the committee recognized that their approach was hurting groups like disabled voters.

Senator King broke with Democrats to vote for a Republican amendment offered by Senator Hyde-Smith that gives states the option to withhold voting rights from felons convicted of crimes against children.

Senator Cruz successfully negotiated the passage of an amendment that removed an unconstitutional religious test that RNLA previously highlighted.

Today's markup can be watched in its entirety here.

The American people deserve to know what is in the Corrupt Politicians Act, but today's hearing showed that Democrats will do what they can to twist the reality of the legislation and have their tech and media allies covering for them.

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