President's Message - Fall 2019 Newsletter

2019 has been a year marked by Democrats' repeated attempts to change election law in order to make it easier for liberals to win - from H.R. 1 in February to the SHIELD Act last month.

These bills would undermine states’ efforts to protect the integrity of elections and would restrict Americans’ political speech - all the while not preventing any foreign interference in our elections.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been steadfast in preventing dangerous federal election legislation from passing; however, Democrats are also zoned in on election changes at the state level.

Through redistricting litigation, election administration changes, increased campaign finance regulation, and other efforts, Democrats have succeeded in instituting a number of new rules for the important 2020 elections. Lawyers who work to ensure open, fair, and honest elections will be more essential than ever next year. Stay tuned for more information on how you can volunteer next year.

The Democrats’ other primary front in the war on the Republic is the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Aside from any arguments over the substantive issues, the House Democrats have undermined the credibility of their efforts by failing to follow standard procedures and precedents. As a Senate resolution co-sponsored by 50 Republican Senators stated: “the House of Representatives is abandoning more than a century’s worth of precedent and tradition in impeachment proceedings and denying President Trump basic fairness and due process accorded every American.”

As attorneys, we should lead the conversation on issues of due process and how important proper procedure is to establishing reliable evidence that can prove a case. Without fairness and appropriate procedures, House Democrats undermine their credibility regardless of any substantive arguments they make.

But there is good news also. Wednesday, President Trump recognized the 158th judge confirmed during his administration. For more information on President Trump’s success in nominating judges who respect the rule of law, read RNLA Executive Director Michael Thielen’s article here.

Now is a great time to be involved with the RNLA. Next week, we recognize former Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee Goodman as the 2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year. Lee has been on the frontlines in fighting for free speech and election integrity for many years. Read more information on Lee here. Next month, we will hold our annual holiday reception at the Embassy of Hungary, and in April, we will celebrate the RNLA’s 35th anniversary at the National Policy Conference.

Best wishes for a joyful and successful remainder of 2019 and holiday season.