Sore Loser Liberals Latest Attack on Democracy: Packing the Courts

Since President Trump has been elected, Democrats have been sore losers in more ways then is possible to count. While Hillary Clinton is legendary for her never-ending list of excuses and people to blame for her loss, liberals continue to push the sore loser envelope in more ways than bitterness.   The latest is the effort to pack the Supreme Court.  After their unprecedented, and ultimately unsuccessful effort to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh, liberals are pushing a new idea should they win the Presidency. 

As Jarrett Stepman writes in the Daily Signal in a story entitled “The Left Is Doubling Down on Schemes to Pack the Supreme Court”:

Anything the left can’t control, it aims to destroy.

From campaigns to abolish the Senate to the growing movement to upend the Electoral College after Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election, progressives have few qualms about getting rid of long-standing constitutional institutions.

Now they’re doubling down on their efforts to wage war on the Supreme Court.   A new group called “pack the courts” has been formed and is affiliated with Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary:

Progressive activists are pushing 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to commit to increasing the number of Supreme Court justices in order to dilute the current conservative majority.

The recently created, aptly named “Pack the Courts” told POLITICO it has raised more than $500,000 to jump-start its effort and has partnered with Demand Justice, a progressive group founded in 2018 that is trying to match Republicans' organizing efforts around the judiciary.

"At Demand Justice, we strongly believe that reforming the court — especially by expanding it — is the cornerstone for re-building American democracy,” said Brian Fallon, director of Demand Justice and a former Hillary Clinton press secretary. “The Kavanaugh court is a partisan operation, and democracy simply cannot function when stolen courts operate as political shills. We are thrilled to work in coalition with the team at Pack the Courts to undo the politicization of the judiciary.”

While no serious Democrat Presidential candidate has endorsed “packing the courts,” the highly partisan, former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder who was held in contempt by Congress did over the weekend:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that the next Democratic president should consider[] packing the Supreme Court by adding additional seats.

Holder made the comment during a discussion at Yale Law National Security Group, a spokesperson for Holder confirmed to The Hill.

All Americans on both sides of the political aisle should be concerned about this effort.  Hopefully, the serious Democrat Presidential candidates will resist endorsing this effort.  Elections have consequences and they should not follow Hillary Clinton’s example and be a sore loser.