What's New at RNLA

We have some new staff and programs dedicated to better serving our members. We are also continuing to work to keep our members up to date on the status of the confirmation of President Trump’s outstanding judicial nominees and working to train our members to ensure for open, fair, and honest elections.

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RNLA has hired two new Regional Political Directors dedicated to improving services for our members.  Their focus is on events, whether it be National Events such as recently completely National Policy Conference (go here to see videos from our recently completed National Policy Conference) and local events you can check out by going here

Christina Norton holds nearly ten years of experience executing political operations in high-profile campaign and policy arenas. A Florida native, her background includes work on congressional, statewide, and Presidential campaigns as well as legislative work in state government and the U.S. Congress. Some of Christina's previous roles include: the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Jeb Bush presidential primary, Rick Scott for Governor, Vern Buchanan for Congress, GOPAC, the Leadership Institute, and the Republican Party of Florida.

Shortly after graduating college, Robert Sinners moved to Washington D.C. and hasn’t looked back. He interned on Capitol Hill, and in his free time has deployed, volunteered, or worked for over 30 candidates in 14 states. He is also a former board member of the District of Columbia Republican Committee, and was elected Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention. Most recently, he was a political appointee in the Trump Administration, and worked in economic research and data. He is also Chairman of the DC Young Republicans. 

The new staff is not just about events. The RNLA is also increase its social media presence to better inform our members about the latest news of interest for Republican lawyers. 

We are happy to have them on board! 



The RNLA has revamped our social media platforms to expand our digital influence, recruit new members, and provide news and information for Republican lawyers.  The RNLA does this in a variety of ways.  We encourage you to follow us and tell your friends. 

Be sure to check out our website daily for the latest on judicial nominations, legislation impacting election law, and Democrats’ efforts to corrode ballot integrity.  A few sample blogs from the past few weeks:





RNLA has a main Facebook page which not only highlights news but includes pictures from RNLA events across the country. RNLA also has some state-based Facebook pages including:

CALIFORNIA Facebook Page

FLORIDA Facebook Page

ILLINOIS Facebook Page

OHIO Facebook Page


The RNLA’s Linkedin Group Page is here.  It includes highlights of upcoming events and selected blogs. 



During the 2018 National Policy Conference, RNLA leaders announced the creation of the Robert J. Horn Fund for Law Students to honor RNLA’s Founding Chair and his longtime commitment to our great organization. This fund was established for and to benefit law student members, to allow them to become more engaged with the RNLA as the next generation of Republican and conservative leaders.

With this mission in mind, the fund allows law students to apply for travel and lodging stipends to attend RNLA national events as well as assists with efforts to establish additional law student chapters.

Currently, we are accepting applications from current law student members interested in volunteering and attending the National Election Law Seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday August 2nd and Saturday, August 3rd. Additional information on how to apply can be found here.

If you are interested in contributing to this designated fund, you can do so here.


We hope to see at our National Election Law Seminar or our next local event.