Will Biden Backtrack on Title 42?

While Title 42, a public health policy that many see as the only thing stopping massive numbers of migrants from attempting to cross the southern border, is expected to expire in May, President Biden is now feeling pressure from his own party to keep the policy in place. Of course, Democrats' opposition to the policy probably has more to do with their vulnerable status in the upcoming midterms rather than a desire for stronger border security:

While the move to end Title 42 has certainly sparked backlash from Republicans who support hard-line immigration policies, a great deal of Democrats, several who are up for re-election or seeking other positions, are also expressing concern over its planned removal as conditions at the southern border continue to deteriorate.

Citing an individual with knowledge of internal discussions, Axios reported Tuesday evening that the White House is mulling whether to continue with the repeal of Title 42 next month amid blowback from members of Biden's own party. (Emphasis added.)

As RNLA highlighted earlier this month, Republican attorneys general have led the way in protecting the southern border in the absence of enforcement of immigration laws by the Biden Administration.

Next week, Missouri and Texas will argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the Biden Administration's decision to end the "Remain in Mexico" policy.

While the official White House position remains the same on Title 42, there's no doubt that pressure from both Democrats and Republicans could force President Biden's hand to renew the policy before it is expected to expire on May 23rd.