Will Parental Rights be the Domestic Issue of the 2022 Elections?

You know Democrats are losing an issue badly when liberal Beltway pundits are going on rants to deny even their own pollsters. As GOP hater Jennifer Rubin opens a recent column defending her liberal friends:

For months, pollsters, pundits and Republicans have been arguing that Democrats “lost” the education issue because of “woke” leftists and covid-related school closures.

While Rubin complains why she thinks pollsters are wrong, "Whose Children Are They," a movie released earlier this week, explains what is really going on. As Fox News explains:

Now, a new documentary "Whose Children Are They?" reveals the issue in detail. "Whose Children Are They?: Exposing the Hidden Agenda in America’s Schools," shines a light on "the need to return to the original intent of education, not indoctrination," as Fathom Events, the project’s distributor, points out on its website.

With the premise that "public education is the most important domestic issue facing America today," the documentary is opening in select theaters on March 14, for one night only.

"I’d like parents to understand that the root problem in our schools is the so-called teachers’ unions and their radical agenda — not good teachers," Rebecca Friedrichs, a producer on the project and a cast member, told Fox News Digital in an interview earlier this week.

It calls on parents, teachers and others to partner together "for the innocence and well-being of our children."

An example of how bad this is getting is parents are being denied their legal rights:

As the Washington Examiner wrote early this year in a column entitled “2021: The year of the parent activist:

From the refusal of numerous schools to reopen following the pandemic closures, the inclusion of critical race theory and gender ideology in school curricula, the fight over mask mandates, and the Loudoun County public school rape case, a wide breadth of issues pertaining to education motivated a new kind of voter, turning the Virginia race into an unexpected referendum on public education.

If 2021 was the year of the parent activist, will 2022 be the year of the parental voter? Early polls seem to indicate it. One of the leaders of the parental activist effort in Virginia that led to Republican victories, Ian Prior of Fight for our Schools, will address the RNLA's National Policy Conference on April 1. Sign up to hear Ian and other experts for a panel on parental rights and much more.