Feinstein and Democrats Continue to Dishonor the Senate

If you read the Huffington Post, you would have to believe that the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are out of control and acted in an unprecedented fashion yesterday when they held hearings.  The reality is that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was merely doing what he made an agreement with Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein to do.  Meanwhile, led by Ranking Member Feinstein, Senate Democrats have brought unprecedented indignity and degradation to the modern Senate. 


This is a strong step necessitated by Senator Feinstein’s actions.  Keep in mind that Ranking Member Feinstein cited Swetnick and her plainly false allegations in her opening statement in the reopening of the Kavanaugh hearings and returned to them repeatedly during the hearings. 

Unfortunately, the problems and dishonor Feinstein brings to the Senate continued yesterday.  As Chairman Grassley wrote in a letter to his colleagues:

The Ranking Member consented to holding nominations hearings on October 10, 17, and 24 with full awareness that the Senate could go into recess and further agreed not to object to the scheduling of these hearings. I will not agree to this last-minute withdrawal from our agreement and will not further delay the hearing.

It is important to note that Chairman Grassley has already accommodated Democrats' request to delay these hearings in the past.   As Chairman Grassley further notes in his letter:

I will not accommodate this fourth request to postpone the nominations hearing. I twice accommodated the Ranking Member's requests to postpone the nominations hearing originally scheduled for September 26. I further agreed to her request to postpone the nominations hearing originally scheduled for October 10.

But to hear the left say it, Grassley is ramming nominees through.  As Senator Hatch said:

"You have to give the minority a chance to be there … [but] so far we haven't had a whole lot of cooperation," Hatch said.

But Democrats are not done complaining.  Not only do they complain about honoring the agreements they entered into, they also complain when Grassley follows the “blue slip” policy of past Chairmen of the Committee of both parties.  This policy provides that home-state Senators are consulted before a nominee is brought before the committee.  This was done and like the failure of ANY Democrat to even show up for the hearing, Democrats are not participating.  As Chairman Grassley wrote in a letter to Democratic Washington Senator Patty Murray:

“It appears that the White House attempted to consult with you and Senator [Maria] Cantwell in good faith, but that effort was not reciprocated. It’s not necessary that you intend to support Mr. Miller’s ultimate confirmation for him to receive a hearing. It’s only necessary that the White House sought your input and guidance.”

Chairman Grassley is following the deal made with Senator Feinstein and allowed Senators Murray and Cantwell adequate time to consult with the White House.  That Democrats do not honor deals they make speaks volumes about them.