HR 1: Democrat Hypocrisy Act

The Democrat Politician Protection Act, or as it is officially called HR 1, the For the People Act of 2019, is being rushed to the House floor this week.  This unprecedented rewriting of all aspects of elections is ironic, because it does many things that the Democrats have screamed about for years. 

First, what it does not do.  Arguably the two hottest election topics for Democrats are not addressed.  It does not address in a meaningful way cyber-security or alleged Russian hacking.  Nor does HR 1 address vote or ballot harvesting that was so controversial in a recent North Carolina election.  While Democrats have attacked Republicans for allegedly benefiting from these items, in their omnibus election bill, they don’t address it. 

But those topics may be the only two that it does not address.  HR 1 is estimated to cost a minimum of 2.8 billion with most commentators thinking it may cost at least a billion more.  Part of that additional expense is the small donor match program. 

HR 1's small donor match program provides a 6 to 1 match for donations under $200.  Ironically these donations are the least transparent.  Small donors are not disclosed, so in other words, HR 1 will increase dark money.

There are so many more problems with HR 1.  But even these few show that the Democrats are not even pretending to be consistent as they are ignoring issues that they have blustered about for years or encouraging the expansion of dark money in elections.   But the goal of the bill is simple: to make it easier for Democrats to be elected and the American public to pay the bill.