All Agree: Mayor Pete's Court-Packing Scheme is Crazy

Many experts have concluded last night’s CNN Democratic Presidential debate was won by Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  Moreover many “conservatives” liked Mayor Pete.  However, on the issue that RNLA has been tracking- the candidate’s positions on judicial nominees and court packing- Mayor Pete was again a trainwreck last night. His position last night:

Now, I'm not talking about packing the court just with people who agree with me, although I certainly will appoint people who share my values, for example, the idea that women's reproductive freedom is an American right.

What I'm talking about is reforms that will depoliticize the court. We can't go on like this, where every single time there is a vacancy, we have this apocalyptic ideological firefight over what to do next.

Now, one way to fix this would be to have a 15-member court where five of the members can only be appointed by unanimous agreement of the other 10. 

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Liberal Judge List Too Extreme for . . . Obama?!?

Demand Justice, a far left group run by former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon that has become the left’s voice on judicial nominations, came out with their “short list” of potential liberal Supreme Court nominees.  The list is extreme to say the least.  How extreme?  As Carrie Severino points out:


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Democrats Display Dishonesty in “Honest Ads Act”

Democrats in Congress are once again grossly misguided in their attempts to prevent foreign interference in US elections.

Their latest legislation targeting online advertising is misleadingly titled “The Honest Ads Act”. Not only would it harmfully stifle American free speech, but it would accomplish close to nothing in stopping foreign meddling.

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Lee Goodman - Facebook Should Not Be "Arbiter" of Facts in Ads

2019 Republican Lawyer of the Year, former FEC Chair, and RNLA Board of Governors member Lee Goodman appeared on CNBC earlier this week to discuss the unsuccessful effort by the Biden campaign to have Facebook remove a Trump campaign ad it claimed was inaccurate.  Mr. Goodman summarized the law applicable to campaign ads:

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DC's Push for Felon Voting Rights a Slap in the Face to Crime Victims

Today, the DC Council held a public hearing on the "Restore the Vote Amendment Act of 2019", legislation which if passed, would give voting rights to felons currently incarcerated. As drafted, the bill would provide voting rights to "District residents" currently held in federal prisons outside of the District of Columbia. 

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White House Counsel: The President will Fight an "Impeachment" Without Due Process as a Means to Overturn an Election

Yesterday, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone responded to the Democrats' efforts to subpoena information from the White House and Executive Branch officials, categorically rejecting their "constitutionally illegitimate proceedings." He notes that the Democrats are not allowing basic due process protections that the Supreme Court has declared must apply to congressional investigations:

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Former Attorney General Ed Meese Honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

David Bowsher (2017 RNLA VP for Programming & 2017 NPC Master of Ceremonies), White House Counsel Don McGahn (2017 Ed Meese Award Recipient), Former Attorney General Ed Meese, and Manuel Iglesias (RNLA Chair)

Today, the Honorable Edwin Meese III, 75th United States Attorney General, was honored by President Donald Trump with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during a ceremony at the White House. 


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The Democrats' War on President Trump over His Tax Returns

Democrats want President Trump’s tax returns and will do almost anything to get them.  First there was the effort to keep him off the ballot in California by demanding his tax returns.  This law, if upheld, would have had the effect of disenfranchising thousands of voters.  Now the efforts turn to New York. A highly partisan DA looking to make waves found a Clinton-appointed Judge, Victor Marrero, to agree to issue a subpoena for President Trump’s tax returns from before he was President.  As we stated regarding the House Democrats' similar subpoena effort:

This subpoena is not a legitimate tool of oversight of the Executive Branch but instead an effort to investigate actions taken by a private citizen due to his subsequent political positions and activity.

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Eric “Wingman” Holder's Hypocrisy in Attacking AG Barr, Republicans

This week, former Attorney General Eric Holder has made incredibly hypocritical comments.  While many politicians are guilty of hubris, few take it to the level that Eric Holder has done.

First, Holder attacked current Attorney General William Barr.  Holder expressed concern about Barr not being "neutral." This is especially ironic since Holder bragged he was President Obama’s "wingman."  He said this multiple times, including in 2013:  “I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.”

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California Loses in Its Unconstitutional Effort to Disenfranchise Voters

After issuing a preliminary injunction against California's law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns before appearing on the ballot -- a clear attack on President Trump -- a couple weeks ago, a judge on the Eastern District of California issued an order yesterday explaining the basis for finding the law unconstitutional on several grounds.  RNLA leaders and members have been leading the fight against California's anti-Trump law: Harmeet Dhillon, Mark Meuser, Justin Clark, and Stefan Passantino are litigating the federal law challenge to the law, while Chuck Bell is litigating the state law challenge.

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