There Seems a Better Reason for SDNY to Investigate Ocasio-Cortez than President Trump

The Department of Justice has zealously investigated President Trump for the myth of "Russian collusion" for over two years. The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York has stretched federal election laws far beyond their reasonable boundaries to criminalize a payment to an alleged paramour, a personal expense.  Chairman Cummings hosted a known liar as his star witness.  Chairman Nadler has decided to substitute himself for the FBI, issuing over 80 investigative requests for information about the President.  Once he realized, to his chagrin, there was no "Russian collusion" finding forthcoming from Mr. Mueller, Chairman Schiff announced a broadened probe into the President's business affairs. 

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Sore Loser Liberals Latest Attack on Democracy: Packing the Courts

Since President Trump has been elected, Democrats have been sore losers in more ways then is possible to count. While Hillary Clinton is legendary for her never-ending list of excuses and people to blame for her loss, liberals continue to push the sore loser envelope in more ways than bitterness.   The latest is the effort to pack the Supreme Court.  After their unprecedented, and ultimately unsuccessful effort to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh, liberals are pushing a new idea should they win the Presidency. 

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In Honor of International Women's Day, President Trump's Excellent Women Judicial Nominees

While it is not a story you will hear in the mainstream media on International Women's Day today, President Trump has nominated many excellent women to serve on the federal bench.  Liberals and most "feminists" do not recognize or praise these strong, capable women lawyers because they do not ascribe to the liberal dogma.  Here are profiles of a few of them.

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McConnell Blasts Weaponizing FEC and Points Out the Source of "Dysfunction"

It is rare for a Senate Majority Leader to address legislation in the House.  That has changed with the unprecedented assault on our Democracy undertaken by the Democrats in the form of HR 1.  Or as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it in a speech today, "The Democrat Politician Protection Act":

This week, Democrats in the House are expected to pass the sweeping legislation I call the Democrat Politician Protection Act. It aims to give Washington D.C. vast new control over elections, give tax dollars to political campaigns, and give election lawyers more opportunities to determine the outcome of elections. 

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HR 1 Attempts to Nationalize the Voter Registration Problems of California

Lawyers Democracy Fund's board member Joanne Young published an op-ed today cataloguing the many problems with California's automatic, or mandatory, voter registration system, which is especially relevant as the House debates and votes on H.R. 1 this week.  H.R. 1 would require all states to adopt automatic voter registration (AVR) according to the bill's requirements, regardless of each state's existing laws.  It would also require a massive data dump from various government databases in the states' voter registration systems, which would introduce errors in the voter registration databases that would only be exacerbated by the new required AVR systems.

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HR 1: Democrat Hypocrisy Act

The Democrat Politician Protection Act, or as it is officially called HR 1, the For the People Act of 2019, is being rushed to the House floor this week.  This unprecedented rewriting of all aspects of elections is ironic, because it does many things that the Democrats have screamed about for years. 

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Pres. Trump at CPAC: Recommits to Protecting Campus Free Speech in Campaign Speech Preview

On Saturday, President Donald Trump delivered a rousing speech to CPAC at their annual conference just outside of Washington, D.C. His speech lasted for more than 2 hours, the longest of his presidency thus far.

One especially memorable moment was when President Trump called up Hayden Williams, who was attacked on the campus of the University of California: Berkeley while manning a conservative leadership recruitment table in mid-February. RNLA Vice President for Communications Harmeet Dhillon is currently representing Hayden in this matter.

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House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins to Address National Policy Conference

Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia, Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee, will address the RNLA's National Policy Conference on April 5, 2019.  Rep. Collins is an attorney, former state legislator, military chaplain, and Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve who has represented Georgia's Ninth Congressional District since 2013.  On the House Judiciary Committee, he is on the front lines of promoting the rule of law and fighting the House Democrats' efforts to resist President Trump:

In the 116th Congress, Doug serves as Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary. In this role, Doug leads his Republican colleagues on a wide breadth of issues within the Committee’s purview, which include fighting to uphold and safeguard the Second Amendment, protecting the lives of unborn children, defending religious liberty, and overseeing our law enforcement agencies. 

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Senate Democrats Continue to Obstruct Trump Nominees

New Congress, old tactics continue: Senate Democrats continue to obstruct and delay President Trump’s nominees, both executive and judicial candidates referred to the Senate for advice and consent. Democrats’ goal has been to obstruct, delay, and hinder President Trump’s mandate, in part by denying timely confirmation of his nominees. Today, we want to provide an example of this problem and offer updated statistics on how unprecedented these efforts have been.


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The Democratic Congressional Circus Continues with Convicted Perjurer Michael Cohen Testifying

Today, the House Oversight Committee is holding an inflammatory public hearing featuring the recently disbarred lawyer and convicted felon Michael Cohen. The hearing is being covered by the cable news networks and interrupted all the major networks' daytime programming—in essence, commandeering the news cycle. Mr. Cohen, who previously served as a personal attorney to President Donald Trump, was convicted last year after committing a variety of personal crimes and lying to Congress while under oath.

So, what do the new Democratic-controlled House of Representatives do?

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