Democrats Reap the Consequences of Their Radical Policies in D.C. and Massachusetts

Last week, the Oakland NAACP shocked many for speaking out against the dangerous soft-on-crime policies of Leftist city leaders and demanding that a "state of emergency" be declared in response to the city's ongoing crime crisis. Now, a Democrat member of the D.C. City Council is calling for the National Guard to be called in in response to a recent onslaught of violent crime in our nation's capital.

The Washington Examiner explained:

Democrat Trayon White Sr. of the DC Council said he wants the National Guard to come to his city after three people were fatally shot and two others were wounded in his district Saturday night.

"We need the National Guard in D.C.,” White said. “The crime is out of control and getting worse by the day. Kids and innocent people are getting killed. It’s becoming status quo with no end in sight.”

White's comments come as crime has been escalating in the city.

Thirteen people were killed in 10 shootings so far in August, which pushes the total homicide number to at least 158 homicides this year. That is an increase of about 22% since last year, making 2023 the deadliest year in two decades.

Meanwhile in Massachusetts, Governor Maura Healey has declared a state of emergency due to effects from the nationwide immigration crisis. Fox News reported:

Healey, a Democrat, announced that a state of emergency exists "due to rapid and unabating increases in the number of families with children and pregnant people — many of them newly arriving migrants and refugees — living within the state but without the means to secure safe shelter in our communities."

The state said there are nearly 5,600 families or more than 20,000 people in the state shelter system. Healey said there are numerous contributing factors, including "federal policies on immigration and work authorization" as well as a lack of affordable housing and the end of COVID-era programs.

The ongoing crises in D.C. and Massachusetts are the natural consequences of radical policies pushed by Democrats that lead to a breakdown of law and order and overwhelm state and local resources.

Astonishingly, many Democrat leaders at the federal level refuse to acknowledge the effects of their disastrous policies. As The Heritage Foundation's Zack Smith and Cully Stimson recently wrote, "Rather than trying to solve the problem, though, Democrats want to trick voters."