Vote Fraud is Easy and Frequent in New York

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Election So Ripe with Fraud, A Do-Over is Needed

While the Eric Holder led Department of Justice is fighting against voter ID in North Carolina denying any fraud ever happens in North Carolina, state officials are taking the opposite view.  A recent local election was so ripe with vote fraud state officials had to step in and order a “do over.”

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Voter ID is Good for the Poor and Needed in Ohio

Today we want to spotlight the effort for photo ID in Ohio and what that can mean to the poor. Ohio State Rep. John Becker wrote an op-ed for on the need for voter ID:

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Police Prove How Easy it is to Impersonate Voters in Hometown of Vote Fraud Deniers

The Brennan Center for Justice has made its mission to deny and ignore vote fraud as part of its efforts to support the Democratic Party. One of its leaders, Myrna Perez, has even been nominated to be a Democrat commissioner at the Election Assistance Commission. Part of this effort is the attempt to define vote fraud as merely impersonation, saying that such fraud is virtually impossible and rare.  Well in the Brennan Center’s own neighborhood of New York City, a neutral police agency found out just how easy voter impersonation is to do:

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